This amazing child was only five days old, and she began to crawl and hold her head… The phenomena that even doctors cannot explain

The saying “other people’s children are growing up faster than ever” is fitting now, and you’ll see why. Today, we’ll tell you an astounding story about an 8-week-old British infant who learnt to stand! Lula was born in the month of January.

She was born perfectly healthy and on time. But she had previously proven herself in the hospital. She was only five days old when she started crawling and holding her head…And then, at the age of eight weeks, she stood up…

Amazing! “My daughter was about a month old when she had her first baby tantrum,” Tezra explains. “I picked her up and tried to put her on my knees to calm her down, but she suddenly stood up on straight legs.”

Doctors are unsure how to explain this occurrence at the time, but one thing is certain: Lula is substantially ahead of her contemporaries in physical development. One unofficial version is that the baby’s father is an athlete who engages in arm wrestling and can put any adult on the shoulder blades in no time at the age of 13. “She appears much more mature than she is. And all I can say is, “Oh, don’t grow up so fast!” – confesses the girl’s mother.

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