Amish Sugar Cookies

Do you ever crave cookies but don’t have any chocolate chips on hand and don’t want to go to the hassle of chilling dough or using cookie cutters? You only need a cookie now. (I know how you feel!) These Amish Sugar Cookies are ideal for such occasions. They’re simple and sweet with a lovely homey flavor that the Amish seem to bring to all of their recipes, and they rely on a few basic pantry goods that you’re likely to always have on hand.

These cookies don’t need to be chilled, rolled, or anything else complicated. They’re just conventional cookies with a delicious flavor. They begin with butter and oil, which not only gives the cookies a lovely flavor but also helps them achieve a great puffy shape. They make a unique soft and chewy texture (with a slight tang) by combining powdered and granulated sugars, as well as cream of tartar.

They’re small bitty cookies, which means you can eat quite a few of them and they bake up quickly. They’ll be pale in color because you don’t want to overbake these cookies. You want them to remain soft, pillowy, and light. Because so many of us are accustomed to sugar cookies with a snap, these are a bit of a departure from what you might expect when you think of a sugar cookie, but they’re no less wonderful. In fact, they’re probably even better for nibbling – so chewy, so light… just a simple sweet cookie!

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