When the thieves discovered that a young girl was left alone in the house, they decided to take advantage of the situation. They would never forget what was behind the door.

The house was located on the outskirts of town. The father worked late into the night, while the mother spent the entire day doing errands and doing housework. As a result, their 6-year-old daughter was frequently left alone in the house.

Local criminals figured out what was going on and decided to take advantage of the situation to rob the residence. They reached the house’s gate and contacted the intercom on the appropriate day.┬áThe little girl’s voice came over the intercom: “Who is it?” “The mailman,” he says.

“Are there any adults in the house?” – “No, only me and .” – “? “What age are you?” – “I’m six, and just turned one.” The criminals believed they had found an easy prey. They entered the residence after breaking the lock.

As they entered the corridor, they observed a large figure in the dim light knocking one of them to the ground and sinking its teeth into his neck. When the second robber realized that was the name of the massive black German Shepherd, he froze and couldn’t even move out of fear.

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The German Shepherd proved to be the most obedient to its mistress. When it had completed its mission and heard the command to “guard,” it sat down next to the thief and awaited further instructions. The thieves remained glued to the spot until the family’s father arrived and phoned the police.

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