This woman left her son in a foster home, but she never imagined who he would become when he grew up.

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others are not as fortunate. My cousin completed high school and enrolled in university. She met a guy there and fell head over heels in love with him, or so she thought at the time. She had already begun to plan her future with him and desired to marry him. However, the young man’s objectives were not so serious. He had no intention of marrying her.

Fate had its own agenda. She was already in her second year of university when she fell pregnant. She decided to tell her beloved the happy news. He, on the other hand, claimed he had nothing to do with anything and just vanished from her life in an unknown destination. She returned home and spent a long time depressed and miserable. Nonetheless, she opted to have the child. Perhaps her boyfriend will decide to marry her when their son is born?

She attempted to find solace in life. Other males entered her life. She abandoned the child after giving birth and abandoned her at the maternity hospital, completely forgetting about him. The boy was adopted, and he was blessed with lovely adoptive parents… He was reared by good, educated people.

He was raised to be kind and fearless, honest and obedient. He was able to start his own firm after finishing school, and he began to earn a large amount of money. Later, his biological mother approached him and asked for assistance, financial support, and even the purchase of an apartment.

stating she was his mother and that he had to look after her. He flatly refused. The case was heard in court. As a result, the court ruled that she could not approach him closer than several kilometers. Do you believe this decision was reasonable?

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