The Hollywood sign mistake you can’t unsee

Have you ever looked at the Hollywood sign and noticed that one of the letters is entirely off? You certainly wouldn’t be alone there! This page will assist individuals who haven’t noticed this error in seeing what they’ve been missing. Be warned: once you see it, you will be unable to ignore it.

on an interview with, Jeff Zarrinman, chair of the Hollywood Sign Trust, stated that he enjoys pointing out obvious errors on the renowned Hollywood Sign. If you haven’t observed it yet, Zarrinman believes it will permanently alter your impression of the symbol. You won’t be able to forget it. First, take a close look at the shape of the “W,” what do you notice? In case your eyes are deceiving you, the “V” shaped gap on the left side of the W is narrower than the gap on the right.

“I always get a kick out of telling people this when they’re standing in front of it,” said Jeff Zarrinman. “Even though visitors simply stand and stare at it, they never notice.” They’re always amazed when I point it out and tell them one of the ‘V’s in the ‘W’ is significantly bigger than the other.”

Hollywood sign

He went on, “So the ‘mistake’, if you want to call it that, is still there, but people don’t notice even if they stare at it for hours — and when you notice it, you can’t unsee it.”In 1923, a real estate developer named Harry Chandler, who was also the publisher of the Los Angeles Times, had the idea of erecting a magnificent, eye-catching sign to entice people to visit the newly created neighborhood known as Hollywoodland. Chandler wanted to attract the curiosity of potential purchasers interested in purchasing property in this up-and-coming community by building an iconic sign that could be seen for miles.

The Hollywoodland sign served its role for many years, attracting attention and potential homebuyers to the region. The Great Depression, however, cast a dark shadow over the country as the 1920s gave way to the 1930s. Property sales slowed to a halt, and the economic slump had a significant impact on the Hollywoodland development.

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