Things You’ll Never Have To Do For The Person You’re Meant To Be With

There’s a lot of speculation about when we’ll find “the one.” But love isn’t a precise science. There is no method, checklist, or series of exams to determine whether you have finally found your soulmate. Unfortunately, it all boils down to intuition. Following your instincts, on the other hand, can be tough. With all of the distractions and confused signals out there, we become lost in the concept of love and forget how to recognize it.

Too many of us are influenced by preconceived Hollywood conceptions of romance. We imagine love to be a big drama with ups and downs, unreturned text messages, and continual anxiety. We believe that if we aren’t crying over him every night, something is wrong. We believe that if love does not arrive with grand gestures and steamy sex scenes, it is not right.

I can’t provide you a specific recipe or checklist to determine if you’ve discovered the one, but there are certain clues that you haven’t. Because here’s the first thing you should know about people who wonder if they’ve met the one: If you have to wonder, that person isn’t the one. The one you’re destined to be with is the one who takes away all your worries and concerns.

While every relationship is as unique as each love, there are a few things that should never be done in a loving relationship. You’re not with the correct one if you find yourself doing any of these seven things 1. Pursue him Movies get it all wrong. They portray enormous love as grand passion. Years of pining and obsessing are used to illustrate it. They make it appear as if it’s not worth it if there is no work.

But love isn’t supposed to be a labor of love. Love is supposed to be the simplest task you’ve ever undertaken. Why are you following after someone who is meant to adore you? The thing about the one you’re supposed to be with is that he’s unlike anyone else. He knew he wanted to establish a life with you the moment he met you 2. Request him
True love does not have to be pleaded for. True love flows as easily and readily as gushing water. You can walk away from it, and it will continue to run.

When you beg someone to love you, you’ll never get it, and you’re asking for something he simply cannot provide. Love should boost you up, not reduce you to your knees.3. Make a change for him The one who loves you loves you completely. He may not always agree with you, but he will not change the way you argue with him. When someone asks you to change, he may as well be asking you to go.

The correct person is looking for someone who is right for him, not for their ideal companion. When you’re it, there will be no doubt about what’s wrong and what’s right about you.
4. Bargain with him. A relationship is not a make-up item. You should never be with someone who forces you to negotiate the terms of your relationship. Negotiations are reserved for failing partnerships. Negotiations are for couples that prefer to be together rather than alone. The only time you should bargain is over dinner plans and parent weekends you’d prefer not attend.

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