75-year-Old Man Spent 13 Years Turning His 150-Foot-Long Hedge Into A Dragon

John Brooker, a 75-year-old man from the United Kingdom, transformed his mundane 150-foot hedge into a green dragon. The amazing enormous is up to 10 feet tall and spans on one side of his leased farm cottage.

Mr. Brooker went on to say, “I was standing at my kitchen sink one day and thought the hedge was boring so decided to do something with it.”He spent three days trimming the pattern every two to three weeks, comparing it to painting a large bridge.

“I believe the dragon was inspired by my time in the Army.” “The dragon must have been in my subconscious because I did two tours in Malaysia.” “I’ve added wings and the top was quite plain but every year I add another couple of lines for definition,” he said, referring to his wife Pippa, a former graphic designer. Bulging eyes, flared nostrils, and a crested back characterizes the topiary.

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