Mind-Blowing 2-Year-Old Drummer Shocks Judges on The Voice and Wins – You Have to See This!

With the help of a full brass band, this child enters the stage of Spain’s Got Talent. It’s difficult to imagine he’s only two years old, with such poise and performance ability that he advanced all the way to the show’s semi-finals.

Ricky Ricardo receives a well-deserved golden buzzer for his unwavering commitment and outstanding talent at such a young age. Actually, the small man was so relaxed and skilled as a drummer that he didn’t need to glance at the drums at all.

There is no concern, simply amusement, which causes him to become absorbed in what he is doing while glancing around at the audience. Heck. This musician is so gifted that he can scratch his ear without missing a beat. Rickie Ricardo is just two years old, but he has the rhythm of a pro. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the tiny child performing on Spain’s Got Talent in a semi-final performance that was applauded by all of the judges. He’s a drummer who began playing before he could speak. Imagine how he’ll be when he’s in his twenties.

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