Things That I Believe You Will Never Do If You Truly Love Someone

1. YOU WILL NOT KEEP SECRETS. If you hold secrets from the person you profess to love, it isn’t true love. Withholding vital information from your relationship might lead to a breakdown in trust. 2. YOU WILL NOT CHEAT. You can’t say you love your lover if you cheat on them. When you truly love someone, you want to devote your entire life to them. 3. YOU WILL NOT BE TOO TIRED FOR YOUR PARTNER.

When you are in love with someone, you will make time to be with them no matter how busy your calendar is.4. YOU WILL NOT REFUSE TO RESPECT YOUR PARTNER’S FAMILY AND FRIENDS.
If you adore your partner, you would never disparage his or her family and friends, no matter how unpleasant you find them. Because your partner’s family and friends are a part of his or her universe, you will treat them with dignity if you truly love your partner.

5. YOU WILL NOT TURN OFF YOUR PARTNER. Don’t claim to love your partner if you avoid discussing the problem with him or her. If you truly love someone, you will be willing to discuss the problem with them, even if it is possibly tough. 6. YOU WILL NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR PARTNER. You can’t profess to love your partner and then ignore them. That’s not love. If you truly love someone, you will be concerned about how they feel and what they require.7. YOU WILL RESPECT YOUR PARTNER.

You can’t be disrespectful to your lover while yet claiming to love them. Shouting at your mate is a sign of contempt, and if you truly love your partner, you would not do so. 8. YOU WILL NOT SHARE YOUR PARTNER’S SECRETS WITH THE WORLD.If you truly love someone, you will never divulge his or her secret to the rest of the world. He/she confided in you because he/she trusts you to keep the secret safe. Even after a split, you should never reveal your ex’s secrets.

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