She hears loud noises from the garage every day, and when her husband’s secret is revealed, she bursts into tears.

Brad Soden’s life has been filled with ups and downs. The US soldier not only served in the first Iraq War, but he also saved many lives following his service as a firefighter. Brad and his wife Liz live in Phoenix, Arizona, with their three children. Brad spent a long time living his goal. But everything changed on August 15, 1999, the day of the accident. Brad and Liz were driving their children in their truck. Liz was driving when the front left tire fell flat. It slipped from her grasp, and she drove off the road.

The couple’s three sons received only minor bruising, which is great news. Brad’s injuries were a little more serious; he had broken his leg. Liz, on the other hand, was in a bad situation: she had broken her back and couldn’t move from the waist down. Liz had to rush to the hospital for surgery. When she awoke, the physicians explained what was wrong. Liz thought her life was finished. She was dating Brad at the time and assumed he would leave her for a “normal woman.”

What did Brad have to say? He got down on one knee and proposed to her right there in the hospital. Liz, of course, answered “yes,” and they married soon after. Her recovery took a long time, and her family was there for her the entire time. Liz is a strong lady, yet she struggles to adjust to her new life in a wheelchair. Even more so hiking has always been a family favorite. Liz attempted to follow after the accident but quickly realized that the rough paths she enjoyed would be impossible to navigate in her wheelchair.

Liz had to stay behind on the flat road as the rest of the family followed a moose trail. While crying, she begged her family to keep going. Brad was so offended by the photo that he pledged it would never happen again. Brad was an army maintenance man in charge of keeping tanks in good condition and cleaning them. As part of his employment, he decided to build Liz an off-road wheelchair so she could accompany the family everywhere they went.

But it wasn’t as simple as it seems. Brad had been working in the garage for days on end. He didn’t go outside very often some days, and he was irritable at times. The neighbors and Liz had become accustomed to the garage’s loud noise. Brad’s query? To create a quiet electric engine that can be utilized in the forests and at campsites. Brad had finally found the solution after many hours of research. He summoned Liz to the garage and presented her with a unique wheelchair with tank treads as a gift.

People did notice Brad’s creation. CEOs of the high-tech company NPC Robotics were among those who liked the all-terrain scooter.The company helped Brad and made a sample from the model he gave them. Liz’s new wheelchair is made with current technology and is quiet, quick, and able to go off-road. When the family goes on a walk these days, Brad, the kids, and Liz are hard to keep up with… What a wonderful idea! Brad has not only shown Liz how much he loves her, but also that he is smart and determined to get through anything!

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