George Clooney and Julia Roberts just premiered their latest movie, but it’s Roberts dress that has EVERYONE talking

We usually send a heartfelt note or treat our pals to something delicious to demonstrate how much we appreciate them. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, took the concept of support to a whole new level when she sat alongside her co-star from “Ticket to Paradise,” none other than the legendary George Clooney, at the Kennedy Center Honors earlier this month.
The “Ocean’s Eleven” star was among the distinguished personalities honored with the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors.

In a tribute that went beyond words, Roberts wore a gorgeous gown embroidered with an array of graphics depicting the countenance of her famous partner, George Clooney. Clooney’s reaction to this passionate appreciation is now known. Clooney was stunned, according to reporters, the moment Roberts took the stage, and a real “Wow!” escaped his lips. Roberts’ dress was made of canvas with a collage of pictures mirroring the ever-stylish Gravity actor.

Each image was beautifully framed in a light gold tone. Clooney’s red carpet appearances, renowned time on the medical drama ER, and other notable public appearances were used to select the photographs. “What’s this, you ask?” Roberts commented humorously as she made her presence known on stage. It’s only a small amount. “Can you sense my joy at being here to honor Gladys Knight?”

And, if you’re wondering how this one-of-a-kind fashion statement came to be, it’s not something you can buy at a store. Jeremy Scott, the amazing designer of Moschino, systematically created the brilliant design, which was exquisitely styled by the exceptional Elizabeth Stewart. Roberts complemented the gorgeous gown with a sleek black cropped jacket, a subtle touch that brought the look together without pulling attention away from the honoree. The addition of fine Chopard jewelry enhanced the overall appearance even more.

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