How to open a can in an emergency (this is so simple!)

You never know when you’ll be stuck in an unexpected scenario and have to fend for yourself. This is when advice like this one can help. Assume you’re out camping and discover you don’t have a can opener. You’d definitely start to panic, wouldn’t you? There’s no need to be concerned after you’ve discovered this ingenious exploit!

Thanks to DaveHax for sharing this useful information! Dave Hax, who has over 7 million YouTube subscribers, uploaded a helpful video outlining what to do if you forget the can opener at home. The channel contains almost 500 films with various useful “life hacks” and DIY videos using common household products.

Can Opener Replacement: Using a Spoon. Fortunately, this trick is simple, requiring only a spoon and a forceful application. Step 1: Grip a spoon where the handle’s bottom meets the top of the scoop.Step 2: Firmly press the spoon tip down in the exact spot you would start if you had a can opener handy.

Step 3: Push the spoon tip back and forth a few times in small parts. You’ll be around the entire can before you know it! Without a can opener, I opened it. A fork or metal butter knife can also be used by pressing the end of the handle down to the can and following the procedures outlined above.

It should be noted that the major goal is to use metal, thus plastic or silicone handles will not work. Although this approach is the most efficient, requiring the least amount of time and work, it is still possible to open the can without a can opener if you are using non-metal-tipped cutlery.

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