“When the future father walked away from the pregnant woman, he had no idea how she would repay him with her life.”

She had always adored children and believed she would have a huge family. Fate smiled at her and bestowed two daughters onto her. Dasha’s lover, the prospective father, vanished without a trace as soon as she told him the fantastic news. He had no idea how life would repay him for walking away from his pregnant girlfriend. It’s difficult to keep anything hidden in a small town where everyone knows everyone.

The soon-to-be single mother’s story immediately spread among the town’s gossipmongers. And her lover lived as if they were a normal family. Their arrangement was nothing out of the ordinary. They did not rush to legalize their relationship since they both believed that they should first try to live together. However, fate had other ideas for this couple. A few months into their relationship, she discovered she was expecting a child. She was hesitant to tell her partner since she was unsure of his reaction.

Her tummy swelled quickly, making it impossible to conceal the pregnancy for long. When she went in for a medical visit, she found out she was carrying twins – two beautiful daughters who were about to enter the world. The squabbles began prematurely during pregnancy, but all worked out in the end. The young mother couldn’t get enough of her young daughters. Even though her father had abandoned them, she had never expected to be so happy.

Fortunately, she had a place to reside with her newborn twins owing to her mother, who was already retired and could look after the kids throughout the day. chose to acquire a job right away in order to provide for her girls’ needs. Her life gradually began to stabilize. Many years had passed since the twin daughters’ birth. She worked hard and earned the trust of her superiors, earning her promotion to the position of deputy manager in the company.

It appeared that a run of good fortune had begun in her life. Her world was turned upside down when she ran into her ex-boyfriend again. He was pleasantly delighted to see, who was no longer the shy girl he remembered. She appeared confident and professional, dressed in high-end clothing and heels. She had clearly matured into a different person.He had no notion he’d have to face an interview with, who held the key to his employment application.

Her ex-boyfriend was treated professionally, and she was in command of the interview process. He began praying for forgiveness and a job in the organization. smiled at his actions and decided to contact security. His interview did not go well. She later recalled the incident with a smile on her face. She used to think it was unjust that fate had blessed her with two children while abandoning her boyfriend. But suddenly she knew she had received a double gift. She had her children and got a real loser.

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