This old couch was purchased from a market by two students and delivered to their dorm room. They sensed something unusual underneath as they sat on it. What they discovered in the pillows Shocked them

In February, the pals purchased the couch from a Salvation Army store. According to The Little Rebellion, after viewing a movie, the pupils felt crinkles in two integrated side pillows on the couch. Werkhoven, a geology major at SUNY New Paltz, told CBS News that it had these bubble wrap packages, just like two or three of them. We ripped them out and were scared when we saw an inch and a half of $100 bills.

The companions came perilously near to pulling the couch apart in their confusion about what they had discovered. They rapidly counted the cash after opening all of the packages while photographing the process. Surprisingly, the total was $41,000! ‘You start calculating money and getting enthusiastic like Reese was thinking about buying a car for his mom and a boat,’ said Russo, a SUNY graduate.

When they discovered that one of the envelopes had a woman’s name on it, their excitement was replaced by moral difficulty. “The entitlement vanished very quickly when I discovered that notice with her name on it.””Because we didn’t earn that money,” Guasti, a Mount Holyoke College graduate, explained. The students’ parents aided them in their search for the genuine owner of the fortune. To prevent theft, the parents also advised their children to keep the stockpile hidden from others.

Werkhoven’s mother eventually found the woman in a phone book, and the youngster dialed her number. “I found a couch,” I say, and she responds, “Oh my God, I left a lot of money in that couch,” Werkhoven says. “I’m like, “I think I found something that belongs to you,” and she’s like, “What?!” Friends of the elderly woman, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed she told them that her dying husband had left her a large sum of money so that she would have money after he died.

She stashed it beneath the old couch in her room because she didn’t have anywhere else to store it. She claimed to have saved her money for thirty years in the couch. She had back surgery recently and spent a few months in a rehabilitation facility. Her physicians suggested her children get a new couch for her while she was still in the hospital to alleviate her back problems. In this way, the Salvation Army was affected.

According to Russo, “we almost didn’t pick that couch.”The only couch that was the right size for our living room was unsightly and smelled. The three people claimed they didn’t feel terrible about doing the right thing and that they planned to go out to eat with the elderly woman and her family after returning the money. Werkhoven told CBS News, “I think it’s just that anyone can do good if they will themselves to it.”

“I believe everything went as it should, and to be honest, I don’t really think about it that much,” Added Russo. The good Samaritans, however, did not leave empty-handed. The mom divided $1,000 among the three children as a gift! Would you continue to behave the same way if you were offered $20 for this couch?

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