After a difficult childbirth, her mother forced her to sign some papers. Upon regaining consciousness, she realized that she would never see her twins again.

I found I was pregnant in 11th grade. I was afraid to tell my mother because we were never close, so I put it off. However, as soon as she found out, she quickly told my boyfriend’s parents, despite the fact that she had never spoken to them owing to their hatred for my lower socioeconomic level. However, I was truly in love, and we were unaffected by money or social rank. When our parents discussed our issue, they left us out of the loop.

I was relieved that they did not insist on an abortion. However, I underestimated my parents’ harshness. I gave birth to twins after a tough childbirth, only to have their parents take them away immediately. I signed the documents my mother provided to me, oblivious to the fact that I was signing away my children.

They abducted the twins, fled to another country, and vanished. My mother explained that they had adopted the twins and set aside funds for my schooling, which pleased her but saddened me. I relocated to the capital and enrolled in university, but my heart grieved for my lost children despite the funds financing my studies. A year later, his relatives looked to have found him a new family. My future is uncertain, but I hope my children are happy, and I want to see them again someday.

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