Maria left the hospital and returned home, contemplating how to break the news to her loved one.But his reaction surprised her.

Maria left the hospital and returned home, contemplating how to break the news to her loved one. They’d decided to meet after his lessons. Maria traveled from a small village to study in the city. Her friends had invited her to a club she had never visited before. She was sitting in a corner when a beautiful man approached her. They got to know each other, talked, danced, and eventually swapped phone numbers.

Maria had never experienced anything like this before. She dated for a month before he persuaded her to invite him to her house. They spent the night together, and she later found out he was married. He stated that he was in the process of divorcing his wife and that they would soon be reunited. Maria assumed that such things happened; they had been living together and would now separate – nothing frightening.

She had just found out she was pregnant and was unsure if her partner would be pleased. She showed him the ultrasound photographs as soon as he arrived. He gazed at them, unsure what to say. Something didn’t feel right, and his reply wasn’t what she expected. He turned and walked out of the flat. “Don’t abandon us,” Maria pleaded. You wanted us to build a family, and now we’re going to have a real one with a child.”

However, he moved away as if he hadn’t heard her. When he arrived home, his wife answered the door and informed him that she was pregnant. She’d been trying to conceive for six years and was finally expecting her lover’s child. I left home because I didn’t know what to do. He drove at breakneck speed to nothing. He couldn’t choose between his wife and his lover.

That’s when he was in a vehicle accident and ended up in the hospital for ten days. Nobody came to see him. He returned home after being discharged, but his wife kicked him out. So he went to Maria, despite the fact that he didn’t want to stay with her. He didn’t have anywhere else to go. She took him in and fed him, but after a few days, her friend’s wife called and told him that her husband’s wife was in the hospital.

She wanted to end her pregnancy, but the doctor claimed it was a miracle pregnancy and she might not be able to conceive again. He went to the hospital right away, hugged her, and apologized. She forgave him, albeit reluctantly, and he reconnected with her.

He told Maria that he was staying with her and that he had sent her money to assist her in undergoing an abortion. Maria, on the other hand, decided to keep the child. She had left the child in the maternity hospital, but when her parents found out, they went to pick up their granddaughter. “Everyone makes mistakes, and what’s wrong with raising a child?” her father said. “Are we unable to raise the child?”

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