The one-year-old has been traveling all over the country since her birth

Karen Edwards worked at a medical center before she and her partner Sean Bayes had their gorgeous daughter Esme. The young couple had previously enjoyed tourism, so after their daughter was born, they wanted to continue their interest by taking a vacation together. Everyone felt Karen and Sean were insane at first, but they didn’t listen and continued to pack luggage for their first vacation with a 10-week-old. They were looking forward to new, uncharted horizons: New Zealand, Asia, and Australia.

Karen, now 31 years old, reflects on her adventures and states that she cannot picture her maternity leave being any different. Parents who travel feel it’s critical to include their children in their activities. At the same time, don’t be concerned that you won’t be able to accomplish your goals. Do you enjoy scuba diving? No problem, just take turns diving beneath the surface of the water.

So, despite the fact that everyone around them thought they were nuts, the lovers had their children vaccinated and went on a combined trip. Sean resigned from his work, sold his car, gave his house for rent, packed his belongings, and drove them to the airport. They lived across Asia, Australia, and New Zealand for over ten months with only a backpack in their luggage. Karen has been nursing Esme the entire time.

The newborn traveler was born in London to an Irish mother and a New Zealand father. Most people believe that having a child makes it impossible to travel, however, Karen claims that this is not the case. The couple hopes that their experience will encourage other parents who enjoy traveling but have been deprived of the opportunity due to the arrival of their child. At the same time, the brave trio has managed to go on another excursion after spending three weeks in Bangkok. This is not their final adventure.

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