Teacher’s Students Are Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in Wedding, But Wait Till You See Their Reaction

Choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen can be stressful when planning a wedding, but one woman did it right. Alex Stamps, a fifth-grade teacher, didn’t hesitate when she asked her children to be bridesmaids and groomsmen on her wedding day. Mason McDowell, a science and technology elementary school teacher from Wichita, Kansas, married her fiancé in July. They’d been dating for about a year.

Mason, a third-grade teacher, wanted his children to be a part of their special day as well.Not only did the couple ask their pupils to be their bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they also invited them to their wedding. “I love them, and they’re part of my life.” “I want them to be up there with me,” Alex told the Wichita Eagle, “because they’re my biggest fans.”Alex recorded the moment she questioned her children and shared it on TikTok. It quickly went viral, with over 19 million views.

Alexandra says at the beginning of the film, “I’m going to ask my students to be in my wedding.””Okay, so I have a really important question to ask you guys,” she says to her students in the video. “Khloe, Mary, Reagan, Angelina, Esmeralda, Lucy, Lily, Bella, Harley – will you guys be my junior bridesmaids in my wedding?” “Yes!” the females react to her question.Will you be my junior groomsmen, Bryland, Max, Eric, Emilio, Kayden, Will, Conner, Jessie, Jose, and Sebastian?”

She then asks, and the boys immediately respond, “Yes!”Alexandra stated that when asked, practically all of their children burst into tears. Alexandra and her husband spend more than forty hours a week with their students, and they adore them. This is why they polled their students.”So I thought it would be fun to include them in the festivities rather than just have them in the audience.”

“I just want to share this special part of my life with them.” I want them to be a part of it because I’m so proud of their hard work this year, and the fact that they’ve not only survived — but flourished — in the pandemic, and watching them grow as individuals this year, they deserve to be up there with me.”
Alexandra stated that she first checked with the student’s parents to ensure that it was alright for them to participate.

She then presented the girls with phony pearl necklaces and the boys with flashy sunglasses. After she asked them to marry her, she gave them everyone rainbow-striped lollipops. What a fantastic time this group of kids must have had! What a wonderful way to recognize her students.

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