Masterful Painting Of Jesus By 8-Year-Old—Says She Saw The True Face Of Jesus

“Prince of Peace,” an ethereal painting of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik when she was only 8, was stolen, sold without permission, and kept in the dark for 16 years. It was finally found and recognized as a beauty. Akiane is a best-selling author, businesswoman, and philanthropist who is now 28 years old. She has said that she felt driven by a “visionary inspiration” to paint her masterpiece, “Prince of Peace,” which shows a “profound role model for humanity.

“On the Oprah Show when she was nine years old, she showed off a painting of Jesus called “Prince of Peace,” which she had drawn with very careful lines. “You clearly have talent.” “Where did this come from?” Akiane was asked by Oprah.”It comes from God,” the young genius answered with all confidence. At the time, Akiane was 10 years old. She was asked how she knew God is speaking to her. “Because I hear His voice,” she replied. “His voice is lovely and quiet.”

Akiane grew up in a small town in Idaho with a family that didn’t believe in God and never talked about it. “There was more going on than just art. Akiane’s mother, Forelli Kramarik, who grew up in an atheist home in Lithuania, said, “At the same time as art, there was a spiritual awakening.” “Everything started to happen when she told me about her dreams and visions.” Also, my husband used to be Catholic but doesn’t believe the same things as his family.

We didn’t go to church, pray, or talk about God any time we were together. Akiane then began to talk about God all of a sudden. Her mom said that Akiane wasn’t affected by anyone outside the home because she went to home school, and didn’t have babysitters, or a TV. We spent a lot of time with the kids, so we knew that Akiane’s words about God weren’t from somewhere else. But all of a sudden, they were having deep conversations about God’s love and His role in our lives, and she would go into great depth about everything.

Akiane said that the picture came from a dream she had as a child. She first planned to write poetry and other literary works to show what she saw, but in the end, she realized that “it was too complex to describe through words, so I painted.” “I always talk and think about Jesus,” she said. I looked for a model of Jesus for a very long time. When I couldn’t find anyone, I told my family that I would pray all day for this model so that God would send the right one.

After the family prayed, a very tall worker who looked a lot like Jesus and was also a carpenter came to their door looking for work. Akiane thought she was going to pass out when she saw him for the first time. “I told my mom that was him,” she thought back. “I want him to be my role model,” Akiane painted the “Prince of Peace,” which is now a famous and valuable work of art, after seeing a builder in her dream.

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