“The priceless gesture of a teen who, while fishing, found a wallet containing a substantial amount of money.”And then the unexpected happened

Being honest with the people around us is a basic trait that helps us build strong, real relationships with them. When we are honest, we show respect for both other people and ourselves. Being honest means more than just sharing the truth. It also means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. A recent event in Minnesota shows how important these acts are and how they can have a huge effect on people’s lives.

When Connor Halsa, 14, was on vacation at the beautiful Lake of the Woods over the summer, he had an unexpected and amazing experience. During a family boat ride on a calm lake, his goal was to catch a big fish. But fate had something else planned for him. He saw that there was something heavy on the hook as he reeled in his line. With excitement and curiosity, one of his cousins used a net to get the object and found a wallet that was in great shape and had $2,000 in it.

Connor was interested in more than just the money. He also found a business card that gave him a tip about who owned it. Jim Denney dropped his wallet from his back pocket while fishing on the same lake last year while he was on his boat. The lodge where he was staying told him about his loss when he tried to pay his bill. Just imagine Denney’s shock when, a year later, a teen called him and said they had found his wallet. Even more amazing was that Connor was able to get it back, no matter how big the lake was.

In a very kind act, Denney tried to give Connor the money he had found as a prize. But the young man said no, saying that the money didn’t belong to him because he didn’t make it. “He worked hard for that money, not us.” The kid said in an interview, “It was his money.”Denney was moved by the boy’s kind act and still wanted to thank him and his family. He was so grateful that he not only gave Connor a personalized cooler bag, but also asked the whole Halsa family to dinner.

The things that Connor Halsa did show how important it is to be honest and have character. People who lie and take advantage of others are often rewarded in this world. Stories like this one tell us that real values are found in the little things we do every day with a clean heart.

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