The young parents went to , leaving the child in the village, and they didn’t return. is deeply hurt by these memories. She used to hope that everything would be resolved and looked after her grandson by singing lullabies and feeding him with diluted cow’s milk.

Maxim had a tough life from the moment he was born. When he was a baby, his parents left him with his grandma. They later got divorced, started new families, and forgot about their first child. Maxim was cared for by a woman named for ten years, but she never dared to call herself his guardian. Fate gave them two children, a son and a daughter. When they were very little, the family got another baby.

“Nelya is my deaf and dumb blood sister.” She got pregnant, had a girl, and then wrote a note for the child. I felt bad for the kid and told my husband, “Where two grow, a third can fit.” We took my niece in because he was okay with it. We took care of her until she was seven months old, but my sister changed her mind and took her back. She’s doing well now that she has her own family, says. But after they left, they really missed having a third child.

She thought about adopting a child from a shelter, but her own family broke up at the same time. She had to stay in different places with her adult children and work to make money. Despite everything, she never gave up and looked for ways to give her kids a good life. When her son finished school, he chose not to go to college anymore and instead went to try to make money. She understood that he wanted to go to college and make a name for himself, but she respected his choice.

In just a few months, Sasha told everyone he was getting married and brought home a student who had just given birth to a boy. The young couple hadn’t been married yet, but they put their names on the birth record as the child’s parents. For the baby’s naming, they chose a name. In the summer, the young parents went back to, but they left the child in the town. “My daughter-in-law graduated with honors and was doing well in her school,” he says when asked why.

She told me that my son wrecked her child’s life, which I took the blame for. I quit my job and asked her to switch to part-time studies. I told her I would take care of her when she had to go to her tests. But no one paid attention to me.” They left the child in the town when they went to and didn’t come back. a lot of pain because of these memories. She cared for her grandson by singing him songs and giving him cow’s milk that had been diluted. She used to hope that everything would work out. But her hope faded with each month that went by.

No one helped with  trips to competitions in the capital. The grandmother did her best but struggled to make ends meet. She even considered approaching the child’s parents, but they didn’t provide any financial support. This became increasingly difficult for , as she had a meager income as a janitor.

The past decade saw  develop his remarkable musical talent. He began participating in regional, national, and even international music festivals, often taking top honors. Listening to   sing is a moving experience; his voice touches the soul deeply. But who helps him travel to competitions in the capital?

has been keeping up the fight, looking for ways to secure the financial support necessary for  success. She’s been collecting the necessary documents and hopes for a better future. However, she’s heartened by the fact that  finds his happiness in his music, and he dedicates all his achievements to his grandmother.

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