This couple was divided by skin tone. How they look now, 43 years after their wedding

Love between this couple flourished, but societal pressure finally drove Howard Foster and Myra Clark apart. When they met 43 years later, things had changed, and they made a bold choice to spend the rest of their lives together. Howard Foster of Columbus, Ohio, was madly in love with Myra Clark, his high school sweetheart. Howard and Myra met at Columbus West High School and started dating in the late 1960s…

They had late-night phone talks till morning and were madly in love with one other. However, love is not that straightforward during such moments. Howard believed he could endure the weight of discrimination in the sake of love, but he was mistaken. The prejudice he had to encounter went above and beyond. Howard enrolled at Columbus Technology Institute after graduating from high school and was discriminated against by his professors only because of his skin tone.

No matter how brilliantly he performed his assignment, the instructors always gave him a ‘D.’ This reminded him of his relationship with Myra. He didn’t want Myra to endure the same discrimination just because she was with him. “Society would forbid us from being together, and she would be unhappy.” She’d get bored of the stares. I just felt that was unjust to her. The most important thing is that she is happy.”

So he took the difficult choice to end his relationship with Myra. They said their goodbyes and turned to stare at each other one more time. Myra had a feeling they’d run into one other again. Howard spotted Myra again in Sharon Woods Park more than four decades later, and he knew he wouldn’t make the same mistake of letting her go again. Howard and Myra were reunited after years apart thanks to their joyous reunion in 2013.

Virginia legalized interracial marriage in 1967. The pair married in 2015, as society became more accepting of interracial marriage. To make up for lost time, they are now holding hands every night before bed. “We adore one other, we adore each other.” “I walked away once, and I wasn’t going to walk away again,” Howard said. We’re delighted this couple is now reunited and hope that no couple is ever separated because of skin color again.

As Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel put it, “no human race is superior; no religious religion is inferior.” Collective judgements are all incorrect. They are only made by racists.”You may hear their tale here:

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