Brunch Casserole

For all the breakfast food aficionados out there: this one’s for you. We all know there’s nothing quite like a good breakfast or brunch and this brunch casserole delivers a triple threat of breakfast foods in one dish. This is the smart way to feed a crowd with half the work and clean-up of a traditional morning meal with all the fixins.This scrumptious casserole has potatoes, eggs, cheese, and veggies for a bit of everything in one bite. Serve some fruit at the table as well and you’ve got a complete meal. And it’s super tasty as well.

It’s got the vibes of quiche but it’s much more substantial and filling. Plus there’s no crust to worry about and you get hash browns in there, too.Best of all you don’t have to stand over a hot stove flipping eggs or making toast or frying bacon. You do need to cook the sausage and bell pepper before you combine all the ingredients into the 9″x13″ dish ․ Aside from that it’s simply a matter of putting all the things together and then letting the oven do the rest of the work.

You can even assemble this the night before and then just let it sit overnight in the fridge. If you have some guests in from out of town this is an ideal way to handle breakfast. And, you’ll actually be able to enjoy it with your guests instead of fussing around the kitchen!Once the cheese is melted and getting just a bit browned you’re ready to take it out and begin your breakfast or brunch feast. And, don’t forget the coffee, too.

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