When her daughter-in-law insisted that her son’s paternity be determined, the woman was taken aback. Meanwhile, the father-in-law divulged to the daughter-in-law a long-held family secret.

Tayen was getting ready to leave the maternity hospital. Her husband didn’t leave her side for a second when she walked out with her kid in her arms. had excitedly awaited the arrival of his baby and freely voiced his delight. Tayens’ family and her husband’s family all came to welcome her and her son back home, and she was more delighted about the fact that everyone had gotten together than she was about their arrival.

Furthermore, they had hired a photographer on that day to capture all of the touching moments, and they had images from the day of their discharge a week later. Tayen was the happiest person on the planet, but her mother-in-law’s unsatisfied expression troubled her. “, do you want to tell me something?” said the final question. “Well, dear, I thinkā€¦” Marina began, but she was cut off as she took her son in her arms and went to her room. She realized that extending the debate was pointless.

Two weeks later, she issued an ultimatum: either the daughter-in-law undergoes a paternity test (at her expense), or she has one week to file for divorce and depart. Without hesitation, he consented, but only on the condition that both he and his father take the test. The rationale for this was that he showed no resemblance to either of his parents, thus it was theoretically worth investigating.”How dare you?!” exclaimed the husband.

“What exactly is going on here?” “Why are you yelling at the top of your lungs all over the apartment?” “Oh, just a usual argument, nothing unusual!” Marina responded, attempting to minimize the situation. “No, I’ll tell you everything in detail right now,” told him. She had always thought of him as tough but fair. For a few moments, he was deafeningly quiet. Then he turned to face his wife and added, “Don’t judge her by yourself, at least.”

He went out onto the balcony and invited everyone to join him. “The problem is, daughter, he is not my biological son.” He is, after all, my biological son. I’ve been aware of this for quite some time. and I talked about it. isn’t aware of it, and it’s best if he isn’t. You must not inform him.” Marina, who had slumped, gripping her head in misery, could be seen through the balcony windows.

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