A 9-Year-Old Girl Is Building A House – A Real One. The reason will Shock you

Think back to when you were nine years old: what were your main concerns? Could you sit next to your best buddy in class? That you’d do well in your upcoming piano recital? Why didn’t your parents agree that a bag of chocolates wasn’t a good selection for your lunch? Most of our concerns as children were rather self-centered. We didn’t know or comprehend much about the world outside our immediate surroundings or our own needs, wants, and desires.

Hailey's Harvest

Hailey Fort of Bremerton, Washington, was not one of them. She observed the world differently than other people from an early age. Hailey, now 15, was only five years old when she asked her mother if they might purchase a lunch for a homeless man. She soon began growing veggies in her backyard to contribute to the local food bank.

Hailey's Harvest

Her charitable activities, however, did not end there. As she grew older, she realized how fortunate she was to have a roof over her head on those chilly, rainy Washington days. Many of us, especially youngsters, take having a warm place to live for granted.Hailey set a goal of building 12 little mobile houses for her town’s homeless residents when she was nine years old in 2015.

Hailey's Harvest

These are 84-foot buildings with windows that let in sunlight, a front entrance that locks, and eco-friendly insulation made from recycled jeans. Hailey primarily constructs these little houses by herself, with the assistance of her grandfather, a skilled contractor, and adults when power equipment are required. That thing is certain: Hailey has a large heart.

The fundamental difference between Hailey and the rest of society is that when she sees a homeless person, she sees a person—a human being with a name who has ambitions and dreams but has run into difficulties. Her first home was for her friend Edward. Edward lost his home after being fired from his job at the local grocery. Hailey tailors each home to the person receiving it, such as her wheelchair-bound friend Billy Ray or her pal who owns a dog named Tonka.

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