After four years of saving his pennies in a jar, a young man accumulated a substantial amount. It’s just not real.

His tale swiftly gained popularity on TikTok, as he posted multiple pictures of the piggy bank from the time he first started saving until it was full. He made the decision to open it and share it online after achieving his objective. He started chopping the jar in two, covering it with black plastic. When he was done, he spilled all the coins onto the floor.

He began sorting and counting the coins, with his family’s assistance. The child posted an update regarding his savings in a second video, even though the first one ended there. He clarified that in order to exchange the money, they numbered, weighed, and divided them. Additionally, he disclosed that he had saved 8,210,000 Colombian pesos, or 1,700 US dollars, after nearly 4 years.

Online, this story became more well-known as others began to praise the young man and his money-saving strategy. The video has received more than 34 million views thus far. He’s not alone, though, since this is becoming a common way for people to save money and provides an easy way to build up savings.

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