Mother-in-Law Wants To Get Paid To Watch Her Grandchild. What was the daughters-in-law’s reaction?

When you become a parent for the first time, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and in need of assistance. Having a child in your twenties or thirties can be difficult because you’re probably attempting to establish a profession while keeping things as they are. Our parents, who are also the new baby’s grandparents, are a continual source of support for us.

They will pitch in to assist and, in certain situations, may become permanent members of the home. While many people place their trust in it, not all families agree on its significance. This family is no different, and things got heated when the in-laws’ mother requested payment for babysitting the child. “I’ve gotten myself into a pickle. We’ve been married for eleven fantastic years.

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Our lovely child is now six months old, and we both work full-time. My husband works from home, and I work at an office. My mother-in-law recently retired and offered to care for our infant while we work. We accepted her offer, and things have been going well. She does wonderful work with children, and I appreciate her efforts. She looks after the baby and helps around the house by doing things like cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing. My in-law mother and I had a conversation yesterday that just rocked me.

In reality, she asked for payment in exchange for caring for our darling Katie. I can’t believe she paid anything for her time with her own grandchild. My grandmother babysat my sister and me for many years when we were children, and she never once demanded remuneration. She did this out of love for us. I used to babysit my siblings for free for extended periods of time when I was younger.

I’m at a loss for words. My marriage is strained, and I’m quite frustrated. My husband believes she should be compensated since, without her, we would have to pay someone we don’t know to watch our child, which could wind up costing us more money. I’ve run out of options. Despite having considered everything, I am still perplexed. “My mind is going AAAH.”

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