Yummy!!!Chicken Casserole

Do you remember Chicken Gloria? It’s pretty much the classic creamy chicken and mushroom dish. It’s a Betty Crocker recipe from decades ago, so you probably remember your mother or grandmother making it. The chicken bakes in a creamy sauce with a sherry taste, and it’s incredibly delicious eaten over soft egg noodles. And, like any excellent casseroles, it’s a breeze to prepare.

You begin by coating the chicken breasts in flour…… and then immediately browning them in a pan. You don’t need to cook them all the way through here; that will happen later in the oven.After the chicken has been removed, add the mushrooms and butter and simmer until they are fragrant and tender.The sauce, which is poured over the chicken, is rounded out with sherry and cream of mushroom soup…

In the oven, everything melts and bubbles.All that remains is to eat! Because it’s somewhat spicy, it’s best served over pasta or rice, but egg noodles are my personal favorite.The sherry only brightens up the cream of mushroom soup, but it’s still creamy and full of earthy mushroom flavor. It’s a classic casserole, for sure!

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