Swedish Apple Cake

As a child growing up in Michigan’s “fruit belt,” apple season was always a huge deal in my household. Every fall, my parents host an applesauce-making party at which friends and neighbors all pitch in to create hundreds of jars of applesauce. The gathering is a potluck, and there’s no doubt that this Swedish Apple Cake always steals the show. I have a hard time limiting myself to just one slice since it is so moist and sinfully sweet!

Fortunately, it’s a simple enough recipe that I can make it all fall long without too much trouble. The ingredient list includes all of the usual suspects, but there’s also a delectable caramel topping cooked on top of the cake. This extra step gives the most delectable crispy texture, which really distinguishes this recipe. It’s the ultimate fall treat, with plenty of fresh apples in every bite.

Nothing beats the aroma of luscious apples and cinnamon to make your kitchen smell divine. Make a cake or two for your Thanksgiving dinner or for a relaxing baking day at home. I won’t criticize if you serve it warm with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream or sneak a few bits for breakfast. There is no wrong way to eat this lovely Swedish Apple Cake!

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