Woman walks around street with giant sign that reads ‘looking for a husband’ – then the unexpected happens

In the last several years, the dating world has altered dramatically. People now use dating apps to meet one another digitally before meeting in person. This culture irritated a young woman in New York City, so she resolved to take matters into her own hands. What she did sparked a lot of interest… Continue reading to learn about her brilliant concept.

If modern dating is difficult for a model, imagine how difficult it must be for the average person! Karolina Geits, a 29-year-old model, is determined to take control of her love life. The New York City resident took some cardboard and put out her wish: “Looking for a husband.”

She also included her social media handle so interested suitors may contact her. The model documented her shenanigans on social media in the aim of inspiring others. She posted a video of herself walking down Manhattan’s streets while holding up her homemade placard, hoping that an eligible bachelor would accept her offer.

With her height of 5’9 and the sign raised over her head, she was impossible to miss in a crowd. The model stated that she wanted to see if something like this would work. After being frustrated by noncommittal males on dating apps for two years, she decided to take matters into her own hands and seek her love on the streets of New York City.

The sign, of course, piqued the interest of males who wanted to learn more about Geits. She mentioned that a certain young man drew her attention and approached her to learn more about her.

They swapped phone numbers and have been conversing for a time now. Geits has stated that she is drawn to his warmth and sense of humor in particular. This is what the model was designed to do: make connections, but it appears almost surreal in its own right!

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