Retired woman with ‘little savings’ builds innovative tiny home and it is absolutely incredible inside

She couldn’t believe she built this tiny cottage herself, but she was happy with the outcome. A truly ideal retirement residence! Daisy, Allyson’s little cottage, was created as a retirement alternative. She realized seven years ago that she would be unable to pay her rent once she retired. She has minimal savings, and her employer does not provide a pension. So she mustered the guts (and knowledge) to construct her little house.

Allyson’s hard work had paid off now that she had a wonderful home. She desired a larger living room because it is where she intends to spend most of her time indoors. The sofa is constructed from two Ikea shelving units laid on their sides and covered with a mattress that can serve as both a couch and a sleeping area. She placed removable shelves underneath to keep her dog Tucker’s toys, hobby supplies, and shoes.

Her red leather chair is one of her favorite items in her home. It boasts a reclining headrest and a folding footstool, making it ideal for reading and napping. The chair is next to an oil-filled radiator, and it has a sanded wood block on top that serves as a modest coffee table. Next to the sofa is a counter with enough height for working and dining. When she isn’t eating it, she is working on her hobbies and other paperwork.

Allyson has a few shelves she built from a woman’s woodworking workshop. She has a little cabinet that she refers to as her “office” because it houses the majority of her office supplies. Allyson’s kitchen is spacious enough for cooking and even bathing Tucker! She has a stove and oven for cooking, as well as a lovely countertop made of broken glass and resin. Her sink is large and deep enough to accommodate pots, pans, and Tucker.

You’ll notice a clean, white wall across her sink, and you’ll be shocked to learn that there’s extra storage there. That is where Allyson stores her washer and dryer, as well as her laundry supplies and other house tools. Her refrigerator is next to it, and it blends in well with the white background. She also added shelves and other pull-out containers to the space beneath the steps for additional storage.

Allyson made do with the tiniest space in her house, the bathroom. She had a rotting toilet, a thin, narrow vanity and sink, and a small round shower room with a galvanized deep basin serving as her basin tray. Everything about her bathroom is inventive, including the hula-hoop that holds her shower curtain! Her loft bedroom is large enough for a mattress and a few of her belongings.

Allyson realized that climbing up to her loft bedroom could be difficult, so she added a couple of safety grips. Because to the windows, the loft provides plenty of natural light and a lovely outlook outside. Because the room is limited in a small house, Allyson used every square inch to store her garments in the nook under the ceiling. But Allyson’s favorite pastime was being outside.

She made this place so that she could drink coffee or tea with relatives or friends that came to see her. It makes her appreciate the surroundings around Daisy, with all of the chairs, plants, and tall trees. This place completes her own little refuge in this neighborhood.In the video below, you can get a complete tour of Allyson’s Daisy.

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