Wait until my husband and I have a fight, and my parents take his side. They say I have a difficult character and can easily turn a molehill into a mountain. But what really shocked me

Wait till my spouse and I get into a disagreement and my folks side with him. They say I’m a difficult person who can make a molehill into a mountain. But what truly surprised me was when they refused to admit me after I went to them after another fight.

My husband came home from work that day and instantly requested food from me. I mentioned that I was taking the day off. I went to the beauty salon, got my nails done, and met up with a friend. I had no time to prepare dinner.

That’s when he began yelling at me. “I worked all day so you could spend our money at beauty salons.”And you can’t even make a simple soup for me and our son for dinner?” His comments and the tone he used were the final straw for me. I didn’t remain silent; I told him everything. I yelled as I gathered my belongings and dressed my son.

My husband made no attempt to stop me. He simply sat on the couch, waiting for dinner to be delivered.I decided to visit my parents. But they refused to accept me. “Take your son and get out of our apartment,” my mother instructed. How could she possibly support him? Instead of worrying about beauty salons, she advised me to focus on my family.

My father even stated that if I were his wife, he would have kicked me out long ago. Nothing could be done. I needed to get home and apologize to my spouse. But I still can’t believe my folks turned me down.

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