I’m a ‘catfish’ with no front teeth, yet makeup can transform me into Mariah Carey.

A cosmetic artist who is missing several of her front teeth has surprised viewers with her remarkable ‘catfish’ beauty transformation, drawing comparisons to Mariah Carey. Sarah Andres, from Edmonton, who goes by the TikTok handle @lashesandlosing, recently released a video with her 747,700 followers demonstrating how she transformed her at-home cosmetic studio.

Every noticeable pore on the self-taught makeup artist’s skin in the video vanished, and she changed from her animal print dressing robe and casual ponytail into a more exquisite ensemble – a sleek plunge neck dress with her hair styled exactly like Mariah Carey’s. Fans immediately noticed her striking likeness to the award-winning performer. Although it is unclear whether this was Sarah’s intention, the talented TikToker expressed his appreciation for the comparison in the comments.

Self-taught TikTok makeup artist Sarah welcomes viewers into her at-home makeup studio with her natural face, which is soon to be decorated with heavy makeup

Some followers, however, were not so nice, with one warning: ‘Scary ain’t it boys? You just never know.’Sarah completed her catfishing look with a full face of cosmetics, including a deep pink lip gloss and sexy smokey eyeshadow combined with a set of artificial eyelashes. The video showcasing her resemblance to the Always Be My Baby singer has received scores of comments applauding the beauty influencer, who just lost two of her top front teeth in a quad bike accident.

Some begged Sarah for full cosmetics instruction, and many said her makeover was “amazing.” She was not hesitant to admit her astonishing transformation, even going so far as to label herself a ‘#catfish’ for her 747.7K fans to see. Despite the fact that the self-taught makeup artist has 8.4 million likes on the social media network, not all comments were good. Some viewers were doubtful that her only aid was makeup, with one alleging the TikTok sensation ‘uses a filter to disguise her nasolabial folds’.

Sarah finished her full face of makeup with a deep pink lip gloss and paired her sultry smokey eyeshadow with a pair of false eyelashes

Another person, who appeared to be a man, reprimanded the Canadian woman, adding, ‘Until you wake up next to them in the morning’. Many, however, jumped to the influencer’s defense, reminding her that “haters are jealous.” ‘I believe you are excellent at what you do. ‘The makeup application is immaculate,’ commented one enthusiast. While her admirers were captivated, they weren’t content with the little video, which lasted only 12 seconds, instead pushing Sarah to release a full beauty tutorial so her fans could emulate the stunning singer.

The TikToker, who is from Edmonton, Alberta, frequently amazes admirers with her beauty transformations, using before and after frames to demonstrate the dramatic impact that makeup can make. It comes after a 47-year-old Kansas woman made headlines when she shared a video comparing her natural beauty to how she looks with a full face of glam. The mom-of-one ‘Catfish Queen’ can also significantly transform her appearance with cosmetics such as concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick – and many people on the internet can’t believe it’s the same person throughout her videos.

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