Because her father had a falling out with his brother, when she invited him to her wedding, her father refused to pay.

On Reddit, a guy stated that he had changed his mind and would not pay for his daughter’s wedding after she had asked his estranged brother to the ceremony. He then sought guidance from Reddit members. He had expressed the issue between himself and his brother after delivering his story.”I’m 46M, and my brother is 48M. My then-girlfriend cheated on my brother when I was 20. I felt both heartbroken and enraged.

I informed him that he is no longer my brother. My family did not cut him off despite my request, so I told them I would never be in the same area as him again. If they want to invite both, they should just invite him because I am the one who gives the ultimate.” She then informed him that his brother would be receiving an invitation from his daughter. “My daughter is getting married next spring.”

In our culture, both parents split the cost of the wedding 50/50. My daughter unexpectedly sat me down and informed me that she would be inviting my brother and his family (he married my cheating ex). Apparently, she had been seeing them for the past four years and had developed a relationship behind my back. She even wants her cousin to be a flower girl.” At that point, the father announced that he would not be attending the wedding as planned.

“I was enraged. I told her that if my brother was invited, I would not pay my share of the wedding expenses. She became enraged and told me it was time to move on from the past. I told her that was not her decision to make. We argued some more, and she informed me that I was making her wedding about me. I told her I was unlikely to come, so it would be all about her. She walked away in tears.”

They all then pointed at him and called him an asshole. “My ex-wife screamed at me and said I’m huge AH and our daughter is crushed.” Then my parents called, and the same thing happened. I yelled at them, and now I’m avoiding their calls. My girlfriend advised me to reconsider and apologize.

That if I do not pay and attend, I would lose contact with my daughter. I’m not sure. My boundaries, I believe, should be respected. “Am I an a**hole for doing that?” Here are some of the comments posted by Redditors on the topic.

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