Here’s how you keep insects and rodents at bay with a tea bag.

The unsettling feeling of discovering mice or spiders in your home space is a universal apprehension that many people try to avoid. Finding a method to repel these unwanted guests is especially important for those who suffer from arachnophobia or musophobia. Here’s a natural, non-harmful technique to keep your home critter-free! Despite the numerous traps and poisons available to exterminate spiders and mice, many of these approaches represent potential risks to both humans and pets.

Peppermint’s Gentle Power. Using peppermint tea or essential oil is a mild, yet effective technique to naturally dissuade these little pests without using traps, harsh sprays, or poisons. Tea with Peppermint: To keep spiders and mice at bay, just prepare peppermint tea and strategically place spent tea bags in areas favored by spiders and mice, such as corners of rooms.

home feeling fresh. (Note: If you have pets, use tea instead of essential oils because essential oils can be toxic to them.)Prevent spiders by not allowing spider-friendly situations in your home, such as plants, woodpiles, or undisturbed dark corners.

Entry Points for Seals: Identify and seal potential entryways, such as small cracks or gaps around doors and windows, to keep spiders and mice out. Remove all food and shelter sources: A clean environment with few hiding places and plenty of food discourages mice and spiders alike. Remove Spider Webs: Clear any spider webs with a vacuum or an extended broom on a regular basis to discourage their return.

The Value of a Critter-Free Environment. While the presence of mice in the home poses possible health problems due to their capacity to spread diseases such as lymphocytic choriomeningitis through their urine and feces, spiders provide a less serious threat. Most spiders will not bite humans unless they are threatened, and the majority of home spider bites are harmless. However, keeping a critter-free house not only provides peace of mind but also protects against potential health issues.

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