This young man was shocked to learn that his ten-year-old girlfriend was a millionaire.

A man who published his experience on Reddit revealed that he had worked two separate jobs and was startled to learn that his girlfriend of ten years was a millionaire.”She was a new girl who moved to town a few months before we met,” he began his story. When we were in high school, I first met her. We met by coincidence when one of my friends told me about a rumor regarding her mother’s death. We basically clicked and were great friends before starting dating a year later.”

He had remarked that she showed no evidence of being a millionaire. “During this time, I never noticed anything out of the ordinary that would indicate she was wealthy.” She shared a one-story house with her “aunt,” whom I had never met. She has never worn or wears any costly clothes or jewelry. She also does not spend a lot of money in this manner.”
When her girlfriend’s job was eliminated, he began working two jobs.

“We’re both in our mid-20s now, and we’ve lived a fairly normal life for the last ten years.” We currently live in a nice apartment building. Since the coronavirus became widespread in the United States, our financial situation has deteriorated. My partner was laid off at the beginning of May. As a result, I needed to get another work to keep up with rent, utilities, and so on.”His girlfriend had rushed away to see her aunt, leaving her laptop with her lover.

“My girlfriend occasionally takes excursions to see her “aunt” back home in the state where we went to high school, which can last 2 – 3 days. She left on one of these trips yesterday and was in a hurry, which is unusual for her. I was putting things away and straightening things up after she left when I noticed her laptop on her desk, slightly open. I’m not generally a nosy person or someone who looks into other people’s information, but for some reason, I felt compelled to peek before closing her laptop.”

He discovered on her laptop a letter from a lawyer stating that she was extremely wealthy. “What I discovered was an email from a lawyer discussing her family’s business and her percentage of a share or something.” This piqued my curiosity because I knew little about her family because she never mentioned them, let alone that they owned a business. I searched through her gmail and found emails from her father, which helped me understand a little further.

Her father owns a number of apparel stores in New York. Apparently, her father has been depositing money into her account for the last six years for every holiday.”He ended his message by saying, “I don’t know what to really think about all of this.” I work long hours (12 on weekdays and 8 on weekends), while she has been sitting on millions for years. Should I confront her about it or pretend I didn’t uncover anything?”

Here are some comments and suggestions from Redditors. “Does anyone else find it odd that they’ve been together for 10 years, since they were 15/16ish and op had no idea about her family?” “This is also such lazy writing.” So you’ve been dating for TEN YEARS, living together, and you’ve never met anyone from her family, and you have no idea what her father does for a profession?

Riiiiight. I recall in high school knowing what all of my friends’ parents were doing and what their jobs were.”
“However, her girlfriend did not reside with her parents. “She lived with a close family friend, and it appears that her relationship with her father is estranged.” Please let us know.

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