Nebraska Meat Pies

These Nebraska meat pies are made with soft, buttery rolls that are filled with meat and vegetables and cooked until they are golden brown. You’re not completely wrong if you think this sounds like a pasty. But the dough for these pies has yeast in it, which makes them so soft. The center is just meat and cabbage that has been spiced up just right. Altogether, it’s a unique treat that Nebraska is known for, thanks to the German and Russian immigrants who brought these European-style hand pies to the state for generations.

Nebraska Meat Pies

They’re a common dish in Nebraska and are popular in shops and restaurants, like ones called runza. You can now make them at home! You need to give the dough an hour to rise before you can make these pies. Next, cut the dough into little pieces that will be filled. That’s okay if the squares aren’t perfectly straight; you can trim the parts that aren’t straight as you go.

First, fold the long sides’ edges over and into the middle to make the pockets. Then, press down on the short edges to seal them. After that, put them on the pan open side down to bake. Before you put them in the oven, give them a quick brush with some melted butter to make sure they turn the right golden brown color.

These Nebraska meat pies are great for a quick meal or snack because they’re portable, filling, and full of great tastes. I like German mustard with them the most.


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