Man comes home to find ‘humiliated’ wife crying behind closed door after nieces come to stay

An enraged guy has resorted to Reddit’s famed ‘Am I the A*****e’ thread to rant about a particularly awkward situation he has found himself in. The man, who goes by the moniker Original Poster (or OP) and prefers to remain anonymous, published a lengthy post describing something that happened recently when his sister and two 16-year-old nieces visited him and his wife.

The man’s sister just went through a painful divorce and found herself without a place to live with her two youngsters. So she asked him if they might stay with him for a while, to which he agreed. The man’s wife is concerned about her hair. While the sister and her girls were dealing with the grief of her divorce, the father was dealing with his own troubles.

His wife had cancer and had been receiving chemotherapy, the side effects of which had tragically resulted in her losing her hair. This made the man’s wife extremely self-conscious, and she found it difficult to go out in public bald, so she purchased a wig that looked like her natural hair. The man stated in his article that he urged his wife to buy and wear the wig since he knew it instantly made her feel more secure.

After they moved in, the man’s teen nieces became fascinated by his wife’s wig, demanding to touch and wear it and even questioning why she wore it. They allegedly even asked the man’s wife whether they could style and straighten his hair to see what would happen, but she declined. She also informed her husband’s nieces that she didn’t want to take the wig off in front of them because it made her feel uneasy after they’d asked to see how she looked bald.

The two nieces pull a trick on each other. However, not long after, the man returned home and found his wife sobbing profusely in their bedroom. He attempted to enter to inquire as to what was wrong, but the door was locked. His wife ultimately unlocked the door after he asked her if she was okay and what was wrong. He embraced his wife in his arms as she sobbed and told him what had occurred while he was away.

The dad posted the following message on the forum: “She told me she woke up and didn’t find her wig, then discovered my nieces took it and hid then urged her to come out so they could see her without it.” “My wife repeatedly asked them to give it back, but they started laughing and recording, so my wife had to lock the door to keep a distance because they didn’t stop,” he continued. I was furious, so I stormed into the kitchen and challenged them; they seemed perplexed, but I was able to reclaim the wig.

I screamed at them, saying they humiliated and shamed my wife by removing her wig. They said it was a harmless prank that caused me to lash out at them.” The man’s sister eventually intervened, telling him that his wife was being overly sensitive and that her two daughters were simply interested about what she looked like without her wig. The father, however, refused to accept this justification, especially after informing his sister that her daughters were mercilessly recording his wife. “I lost it on her too and told her she and my nieces are no longer welcome to stay at my home and they needed to leave,” he said.

“I later informed them of the eviction because they thought I wasn’t serious, and they began crying and begging me to let it go.” But, after what they did, my wife is no longer at ease around them. My sister called our [elderly] father, who urged me to let them stay, insisting that my nieces were just being typical teenagers. “He offered to speak with my wife, but I declined,” the man wrote in his post.He then continued by noting that his sister has been pleading with him to change his decision, but he is sticking to his guns. He then asks the forum members if they believe he is in the wrong.

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