Watch this funny video how Curious cat Minnie meets new baby sister

Nick Fillippou, a cartoonist, recorded his gorgeous rescue cat, Minnie, greeting his new baby for the first time. Minnie was initially scared and apprehensive about the circumstance, but she gradually opened her heart to the infant. Minnie is shown in the video cuddling up against her mother’s baby bump and being a loving snuggle bug before meeting her new baby sibling.

Minnie is eager to learn more about this new creature in her life. The nicest part of the movie is when Daddy teaches the baby how to pet the kitty, implying that she will treat animals with love and respect as she grows up. “Gentle,” he exclaims! Congratulations, Dad! It’s beautiful when the infant pets Minnie with her small finger! Minnie’s little nose was wriggling while sniffing the infant, which was adorable.

It’s lovely that Daddy made room for his children, and Minnie sat on the tiny girl’s foot. Minnie cuddling the newborn is a lovely sight, as she appears protective and affectionate. Then there was the time when Daddy had one baby wrapped around one arm and his other kid wrapped around the other. Minnie’s mitten paws are so cute when she reaches out to touch her daddy’s face.

It’s really sweet when kids help their father wrap presents. They’re such wonderful tiny helpers! Minnie and the dog are kind siblings who keep an eye on their younger sister. The final photo of them all on the floor together is precious, as is the baby’s lovely little giggle. If you can’t get enough cuteness, watch this video!

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