Why do most women gain weight after marriage?

A hilarious saying goes, “Women gain weight after marriage, men gain weight after divorce!” Aside from jokes, many people are perplexed as to why women gain weight after marriage. This happy newlywed weight gain is not something to be ashamed of! The lives of each partner alter dramatically when they transition from singlehood to marriage. Routine, habits, and lifestyle all have an impact on one another, forming a new ‘us’ with their joined I’s.

Physical appearance is one alteration that is more obvious in women. A new study backs up the notion that couples gain weight after they marry. Ladies, if you’re newlywed and wondering what’s causing your rising girth, here are a few explanations. Rujuta Diwekar, a celebrity nutritionist, wrote the book Women & Weight Loss. Tamasha explains why this happens, particularly with women.1. Your dietary habits have shifted.

The first thing a newlywed woman may have to do is cook for her new family. Your body is accustomed to a particular type of cooking in terms of the spices used, the taste, and so on. However, you are likely to change this to impress your in-laws and husband and to adopt their culinary methods. Your digestion pattern changes as a result of this. And if you marry someone from another culture, you may have to completely change your eating habits.

After marriage, a Punjabi woman married to a Bengali guy would be forced to consume rice and fish. All of these alterations result in weight increase. 2. Your diet is in jeopardy.
Weddings are hard on your body because you eat dishes prepared in bulk for hundreds of people at odd hours. After the hectic three-day affair, you travel on your honeymoon journey, where you eat outside food once again. Not only that, but because it is a new house, you must adjust to the daily schedule, which adds to the tensio

A poor diet paired with stress results in nutritional deficiency. So, in essence, you binge on calories while depriving your body of crucial nutrients. This causes a loss of vitamin B, calcium, and other minerals, resulting in cravings at unusual hours and a lack of energy. And you’re wondering why you’ve gained 5 kilograms all of a sudden. 3. You dine out more frequently. With the newlywed tag, you have the flexibility to go out and indulge every weekend, and sometimes even on weekdays!

Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage: Healthy Approaches

Not only that, but you’ll be attending multiple dinner parties to get to meet your extended family, friends, relatives, family friends, and so on. As a result, at least one of your meals is likely to be outside food, which is often high in calories but low in nutrition. And frequently, declining these invitations is not an option. All of this has an immediate impact on your waistline.

Your priorities shift. Admit it, you could easily get your way while you were single, but after marriage, you often have to step down and let go of your preferences. Your priorities shift, and you frequently find yourself at the bottom of your own list. So you’re either cooking your husband’s favorite dish or eating leftovers to avoid wasting food. Managing job, domestic tasks, children, and so on, along with a foggy eating schedule, might leave you weary. You are more prone to gain weight if you do not satisfy your appetites with your meals.

5. You are less concerned. It’s all about looking great before the wedding, which means hours in the gym, portion management, and so on. However, once the wedding is over and duty sets in, your health suffers. Women frequently relax and are unconcerned with their bodies or fitness. Gym hour is replaced by kitchen hour, and the diet, as previously stated, is thrown out the window. All of these changes cause you to gain weight after marriage.

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