A couple buys a grain silo on eBay for $1 and turns it into a tiny house that looks like a beautiful industrial castle.

An English artist decided to do something out of the ordinary: he took the shell of a grain silo and turned it into a beautiful tiny home that looks like an industrial castle. Bob Campbell does a lot more than just carve and work with scrap metal. And his imagination is out of this world. His clever little house is proof of this. He has been making things out of used things, mostly scrap metals, for 20 years.

An aerial view of the tiny home, formerly an old grain silo.

When Bob found a £1 ($1.27 USD) shell of grain on eBay, the game changed for him. He first planned to use it as an art project, but it quickly turned into an impossible tiny house project. He had to cut down his £1 grain bin, which was 16 feet tall, so it would fit. His wife Caroline helped him put it up so he could see what would happen. The couple’s small house is tucked away behind their huge yard, which has always been their safe place.

There are little things all over the place that show how talented Bob is. Metal and wood are mixed together inside the house, giving it an earthy feel. It also makes you feel artsy and at home. The idea behind their small house is impressive in and of itself, but what’s even more impressive is that Bob built everything himself. Even the fireplace, which is made out of a gas bottle.

A beautiful photo their cozy living room.

He would gather old things and use them to make furniture and decorations for the house. A lot of rust is what he likes, and cleaning them gives them a new shine.Chains are a recurring theme in the Campbells’ tiny house. Chains were used to make the armrest of their couch, which looks very comfy but isn’t. Their eating table was made of an old saw blade set into concrete. In the middle, there were chains. Blocks of old pallets were cut down and stacked on top of each other to make the walls. The bricks were then cleaned.

Because the silo is made of cold metal, the couple insulates it with recycled plastic and puts a vapor shield on top of it to stop condensation. “It was pretty hard to completely insulate the roof.” “Shadow foam would probably work better for full coverage. There will be some condensation on the inside of the roof when it’s cold, but a fire will burn that off in ten minutes,” Bob said.

A photo of their dining table that's just the perfect set up for the couple.

The tiny house also has a back door that goes to a small gray water treatment area where everything from the sink is filtered. There is everything you need in the small kitchen, even though it is small.When Caroline wakes up in the morning, she likes seeing all the wood around her. She loves this cozy place.

Setting up the base, building, and doing some gardening for their tiny house only cost them about £4,000 all together. The couple didn’t spend a lot of money to build this dreamy tiny house because Bob was very creative and very good at making things.

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