My Husband Doesn’t Believe Our Daughter Is Biologically His and Asked Me for a Maternity Test. Here’s What Happened

The woman’s husband had suspicions about their newborn daughter’s paternity and believed she was not biologically related to them. When the mother dug deeper and discovered what had gone wrong, things went from bad to worse. A recent viral post on Reddit’s “Best of Redditor Updates” topic exemplifies how rash decisions without fact-checking may destroy relationships.

Ok-Replacement7697, a Reddit member, presented a story about an OP (Original Poster) who had recently given birth. The mother with an u/Nectarine-Power revealed her husband’s thoughts on their child’s motherhood and paternity. However, her research showed what had driven him to make such a rash decision, and events took a different direction from there. Before addressing her situation, OP introduced her newborn kid.

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Her unborn child possessed a tuft of dark brown hair, a darker complexion, and grayish-brown eyes. OP’s spouse, on the other hand, was blonde with blue eyes, while OP herself had red hair. OP’s red hair was caused by a genetic mutation; the rest of her family had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Even though he was pursuing a Ph.D., she insisted on these specifics because her husband had always struggled with genetics.

At the same time, numerous people felt that the OP’s husband made everything up in order to dump her. Things started to go wrong when the OP’s husband realized the child she was carrying was not his biological child. He began to suspect something was wrong with the baby’s paternal origin and blamed his thoughts on her darker pigmentation. The OP told him that she would support his wish for a paternity test to determine the biological father of the baby.

The idea appealed to her because she wanted to keep their relationship harmonious. But when her spouse suggested she get a pregnancy test, things started to get weird. This was the tipping point for OP’s emotional breakdown. Her efforts to explain the matter to her spouse proved futile. He dismissed her inquiry about if he thought she had conceived with the kid of someone else.

OP was perplexed after her continuous attempts to decipher genetics for her hubby failed. Her husband, a smart software engineer, she reasoned, shouldn’t be so naive to the concept of heredity. After reading her narrative on the cross-post, people were ready to offer their comments and point out where the OP’s husband might have gone wrong, and she sought counsel on Reddit. Redditor dreamersdisplay stated, “Babies’ eyes change color as they grow.” “Hair color also changes,” another user, mooseblood07, agreed.

My older brother and I were both quite blonde for the first few years of our lives, and now we both have brown hair.” The discussion heated up as others shared their own experiences with various hair types, ranging from extremely dark brown to wavy and blonde to straight, showing the huge influence of heredity. At the same time, numerous people felt that the OP’s husband made everything up in order to dump her.

“Are you sure it’s not him being stupid, but instead him orchestrating things, so you leave?” asked Whatsfordinner4, a Reddit user. Soon after, OP returned with additional information, indicating that her spouse was absolutely suffering from postpartum depression. She assumed that the stress of expecting a kid was the source of his concerns.The OP had hoped that by going to treatment following the tragedy, he would have a new perspective on their daughter.

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“But, in case you’re wondering, he’s not stupid, and he’s not cheating on me.” “He’s just going through a rough patch right now,” she explained. Other Internet Users’ Reactions to the Event. “I actually joked about needing a maternity test when mine came out because she was literally the spitting image of her father with no resemblance to me at all!” one user stated. A decade later, she has my coloring but her father’s features (although in a more feminine form).

I’m glad to hear he got therapy, since being serious about it is a whole different matter.” Another stated, “Yeah, post-partum depression in men is real and should be discussed more widely.” My ex had a complete mental breakdown when our child was one. He kept telling me he wished he’d “had a choice” and that I’d had an abortion.

This was more than a year after birth. And the youngster was a simple child. He ended up painting and repainting a house at his parents’ property for a week while otherwise being catatonic, and then waking up. Sorta. The sadness he refused to treat was one of the reasons I left him a decade later.”

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