Some people are just finding out why they get bleach patches on their underwear

For some, the reason for the bleach stains on their underwear is still a mystery. People have been wondering why they get those annoying bleach stains on their underwear for a very long time. But now the solution is here.

You can relax knowing that your washing machine is not broken. You have probably encountered somebody praising their private parts. You may be surprised to hear that the vagina can change the color of your underwear. To be more exact, it may even cause them to have a “bleaching” effect.

women's underwear

Has your underwear ever had bleach stains on it? Many have become quite frustrated and have gone on a desperate search for information about the strange stains that resemble bleach on their underwear. Thankfully, the much-needed response has now surfaced.

It turns out that the vagina’s natural pH levels are the cause of these “bleach” spots. Although this might sound concerning, the wholesome explanation effectively eliminates any suspicion of broken washing machines or poor-quality garments.

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