Here’s a fantastic tip to revive the washing machine drawer: removing mold

A short and simple trick to ensure that the laundry drawer is always tidy. Social media networks are often the source of one brilliant idea after another. Due to their popularity among Internet users, videos depicting home tasks inevitably go viral and continue to spread. In one of these videos, a young woman shared her ingenious washing machine drawer-cleaning technique.

She was in the same boat as many others in not realizing that the detergent drawer could be taken out: “How could I have overlooked the fact that this drawer was removable?” she screamed. I decided to take a closer look at my washing machine’s drawer and discovered a tiny button that let me take it all out. It’s obvious from there that what I witnessed was terrible. “Hiding behind was a lot of dirt and mold,” she said.

How should your washing machine be maintained? Program for high-temperature vacuum: To disinfect and get rid of bacteria, pour one liter of white vinegar into the drum and set the vacuum program to run at 90°C. Do this two times a year. Washing the drum: Use a towel soaked in white vinegar to clean the door, seal, and interior of the drum to get rid of any unpleasant odors. Additionally, white vinegar will make your washing machine seem new again.

Drum drying: Make careful to keep the door open after every wash to give the drum enough time to dry. How do you get rid of smells from your washing machine? Additionally, it’s critical to remember the following: At the very least once a week, clean the laundry drawer to get rid of any extra detergent that might eventually start to smell. When using the self-cleaning feature, which involves heating the drum to 70°C to get rid of bacteria, be cautious because it doesn’t always work as intended.

Dirt-busting £1 product can tackle washing machine drawer mould 'in five  minutes' | National

After every wash cycle, leave the machine door open to allow the drum to properly ventilate. The high humidity will promote the growth of bacteria if you close it.
After every wash, wipe the door seal to keep foul odors from coming from standing water. For this, use a clean cloth.

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