Mum of four reveals her top value Christmas party food deals

Christmas for a mother of four Abbie Haye is all about gathering the entire family for a single, grand event. And there’s never a dull or peaceful time on Christmas Day at her parent’s house because the 31-year-old Salford resident and her three sisters together have nine children! Abbie describes it as “magical but chaotic.” “The kids range in age from 19 to 11 months, but they’re really close, so it’s great to be together for Christmas, even though we can’t stop being loud and driving my parents crazy.

“The kids will be playing with their gifts, mom will be running around to make sure supper is going well, everyone will be chatting, and then we’ll play games and serve the celebration food. On Christmas evening, Abbie assists in preparing a delectable feast, even though her mother Julie is in charge of the roast. That’s when Iceland’s party food selection is a gift, she claims.

“I bring the Icelandic party food I keep in my freezer with me on Christmas Day. You can cook it from frozen, and when we feel like it, we can just spread it out and dip in. It comes out of the oven hot Abbie has a large family to feed—she has Thomas, 12, Isabella, 10, Matilda, 4, and a baby named Teddy—but she manages the expenses by hoarding fantastic multi-buy deals.Since it would be highly costly and time-consuming to produce so many different things yourself, they are incredibly well-valued.”

“I keep an eye out for the three-for-five party food offers.” The kids really enjoy the chicken skewers and little pizzas, and I personally love the loaded potato skins from TGI Friday, which are available for three for £10. “I make sure I get mini eclairs and profiteroles—the Galaxy caramel ones are gorgeous—because the girls love the party desserts too.”

We also enjoy Christmas Eve, when party food is served to all, especially because my sisters are showing off their gifts. Simply said, it’s quite pleasant and simple to prepare a few trays in the oven and have them ready while everyone is getting eager and festive.

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