Wonderful Moment. Newborn twins embrace each other as they used to inside the womb

Newborn twins always find a way to grasp hands like they did in the womb. Sonia Rochel, a maternity nurse from Paris, France, developed a unique bathing technique known as the Thalasso Baby Bath. A newborn baby is cradled under running water in this technique. She performed it for a pair of twins, and they clung to each other. It makes them feel like they’re back in the womb.

The water rushed over their heads and eyes, allowing them to breathe by keeping their nose above the water. The Thalasso bath, according to Rochel, is intended for babies under the age of two months. Vicky Plowright was pregnant with twins who developed extremely close inside her womb. They had the same amniotic sac, according to the doctor.

Newborn twins

Because of the limited area, the babies are at risk of having one of their umbilical cords wrapped around their necks. It was difficult since she was both pleased at the news of twins and afraid of what might happen to them. The sonographer eventually discovered that the twins had switched to a life-saving embrace. They were clutching each other in such a way that they were keeping each other safe.

The twins were delivered at 32 weeks with no complications. A bond formed between siblings in the womb is unlike any other.

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