Is it acceptable to flirt with other people when in a relationship? We Consulted With A Relationship Coach

One of the perks of being single is being able to flirt with anyone who catches your attention. Flirting is an art form that many people miss once they enter a partner. But, if you’re in a relationship, do you have to stop flirting? Or is some harmless flirtation acceptable as long as it does not cross the line?

First and foremost, as with other relationship behavior, it is dependent on what you and your spouse have agreed on. Some couples may agree that they are both fine with each other flirting with other people — or dating or sleeping with other people. “Whether flirting is acceptable in a relationship is up to the couple,” NYC-based intimacy expert and relationship counselor Lia Holmgren tells Bustle.

The border becomes murkier if you and your spouse do not have a clear agreement that allows flirting. “Sometimes, flirting without a previous agreement will have no harm to the relationship and can even add an element of role play and fantasy to the relationship, while other times, it can break the partner’s trust,” Holmgren said. Here are some things to consider if you want to flirt with other people when you’re in a relationship.

1 It’s OK To Be Friendly 2 Think About Your Intention 3 Don’t Do It With People Who Know Your Partner 4 Define Clear Boundaries 5 The Best Policy Is Honesty

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