4-year-old girl starts singing iconic 40-year-old song – leaves the entire crowd gasping

Few persons in the world can sing “My Way” as well as Frank Sinatra. However, when brave 4-year-old Sophie Fatu on the stage of Little Big Shots and faced a large crowd, no one can deny that she ‘did it her way.’ This brave little girl sang a very adult, ultra-passionate, and, simply, lovely rendition of Frank Sinatra’s classic while performing on the show.

Sophie, believe it or not, brought the house down, garnering the attention of the nation’s best talent scouts! She may have faced the intimidating prospect of a large audience, and she may have been the smallest person on stage, but Sophie Fatu was a girl on a mission back in 2018. Sophie wasn’t exactly the natural choice for a vocalist to take the stage and slay one of the iconic Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits when she appeared on Little Big Shots, which was hosted at the time by Steve Harvey.

But that’s just what she did…Not only were her vocals flawless, but the 4-year-old’s stage presence, charisma, and natural confidence captivated the audience. The video below is thought to be Sophie’s first public debut in front of a larger crowd.

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