When the couple picked up the mischievous daughter from the orphanage, they were understandably concerned. But she became their closest friend.

The orphanage has a new child. They wanted to award her a residency permit, as is typical, but she did it herself, prescribing and writing for whomever she pleased. Small but powerful, with the eyes of a wolf cub—angry and penetrating. At the bottom of the image—a short haircut. Well, sort of—a hedgehog. As a result, the moniker remained. Adoptive parents visited on a regular basis and adopted the luckiest children. The Hedgehog, it appears, was not blessed with good fortune.

Except for herself, everyone else thought so. When prospective adoptive parents arrived, the Hedgehog’s heart sprang out of her chest. She dashed to the restroom, wetting her hands and brushing her frizzy hair. And whenever another child was brought away, she would go to a far area of the yard and sob softly. “Why are you crying?” her adoptive father asked one day. Someone offended you? “Can you tell me your name?” – ”

Arisha.” – “Wow, like Pushkin’s nanny.” – “I don’t know any Pushkin; I’m all alone.” Arina ignited the Hedgehog again, not comprehending herself. “Well, don’t be upset, Hedgehog.” He took her hand in his and led her down the trail. A lovely lady rushed up to greet them. “Where are you going, Arthur?” Let’s hurry since they’re waiting for us.”

“I look forward to your return, no later than a week.” But Arisha didn’t return after a week or a year. Her parents were smitten with her. The warmth of their hearts soothed the thorny heart. Arisha’s 16th birthday is tomorrow. They decided to throw a party at their house, inviting the girls’ friends as well as their own. The party went off without a hitch. Mom would get up at night and go for a drink.

She heard a moan as she passed past her daughter’s room. She walked into the room and found Arina moaning in agony. She woke up her spouse and dialed 911. Pain in the abdomen. Urgent hospitalization is required.

Elena invoked all the gods. She had never gotten up at night before, but the thirst was so intense that she had to. The operation went smoothly and without incident. All night, the parents sat by their daughter’s bedside.

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