I decided not to invite my daughter-in-law on our family vacation, and here’s why.

A mother and her daughters-in-law were fed up with her daughter-in-law ruining their daughters’ vacations, so they began excluding her from their plans. The woman wanted to know if she was mistaken. A mother of three children remarked that she frequently took her daughters on girl’s outings. When the men in the household were not there, they would engage in activities such as going to the mall. The woman whose son was married was known as Beth.

The woman welcomed Beth on the daughters’ holidays and treated her like a family member. However, the woman found it difficult to incorporate Beth after having a child because it interfered with their enjoyment. “I have three girls, and we still like to do girl trips for the day,” the mom said of her and her daughters’ day trips. My son married a woman named Beth. Her sole child is now eight years old, and she hasn’t lost any weight.

“Despite her normal weight prior to delivering a child, Beth struggled to go on girl’s trips with her three daughters because she hadn’t dropped the baby weight. Beth’s weight, according to her, forced her to pause frequently when walking. The lady admitted that her daughter-in-law’s demeanor is the primary reason she no longer enjoys being around her. “I used to like Beth and used to take her on a lot of our trips,” she admitted. I recently invited the girls to a pumpkin patch and apple picking at a farm.

We attended, had a terrific time, and some photos were posted on Facebook. Beth called and asked why she wasn’t invited.” The woman informed readers that she had declined Beth’s invitation due to the frequent breaks required while exploring the huge orchards. She also mentioned that Beth had spent the majority of their previous shopping trip wishing she could simply sit on a bench.Beth called the woman and inquired as to why she had not been invited to the orchard tour.

The woman lied, claiming it was just a family trip. Beth caught the woman red-handed and revealed her fallacy.Following that, the woman informed Beth that she had not been invited due to her weight and the fact that she had ruined their girls’ holidays by having them stop too much and prevented Beth from doing what she desired.After labeling the woman as a “jerk,” Beth abruptly hung up the phone. Following that, the woman’s son began texting her, advising her to apologize to Beth.

The woman’s daughters, on the other hand, were staunchly in her favor, expressing their displeasure with Beth for ruining their vacation. The woman went on to seek Reddit users for their unbiased thoughts on the topic, namely if she was correct to remove her daughter-in-law from family events due to her weight.

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